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ECG remote diagnostic is incredibly effective extremely technology

The medical profession is focused on people and their desire to be healthy. Our telemedicine system provides everything medical staff need to concentrate on making people healthy. Its modules streamline processes, simplify the handling of data and optimize the organization of many factors related to daily healthcare.

The Sample Cases

  • Accurate diagnostic if dangerous conditions
  • Qualified pre-hospital help
  • Only reasonable calls of cardiological ambulance and reanimation
  • Only reasonable hospitalization
  • Effective usage of the personnel and medical transportation

We Can Help To

  • Provide people with qualified medical care on the spot
  • Improve the quality of ECG diagnostic
  • Make safe and timely the assistance at the pre-hospital stage
  • Make effective use of the cardiologist and ambulance resource
  • Expand services of your clinic and practice

We use modern innovative approach to the medical data processing using cloud technologies.

Our system has open architecture and gives the easiest way for integration with any medical information systems across all fields of healthcare activity. Moreover, we make individual integration projects and always solve your challenges.

Join us!