According to World Health Organization (WHO),

"The Telemedicine is a provision of health services by healthcare professionals through the use of information technology and communication technologies (ICTs) for the exchange of
valid information for diagnosis, treatment, disease prevention."

Speaking about telemedicine and telehealth we usually mean the remote contact between a patient and a doctor.

But can a patient always give valid information?

Ok, you can measure your temperature, blood pressure, weight but in case of heart problems complete and accurate ECG is necessary and patient-doctor telemedicine can't do it.

We can! Our telemedicine is a solution!

Medical services can be provided to each other by doctors of different qualifications. In remote or small towns or villages, there is always a paramedic or nurse. They can record an ECG, and then, if necessary, provide this record to the hospital for analysis.
This will be telemedicine, exactly matching the WHO definition, using ICT to exchange valid information.

Our devices and software are designed specifically for this.

4-minutes real time video how use CardioMobile